Chinese University

Chinese University

There is a university called the Important Point University in China equal to the school for the First National School in Japan.

Peking University and The Essence University are so, and I visited that it is Sichuan University of the Important Point University in Sichuan Chengdu.

Most of the students of the Chinese University live in a dormitory. There are all sorts of school expenses, but about around 10,000 RMB for a year. This is included in the tuition and the dormitory charge.

The students live in one room with several people, and I heard that the dormitory charge (school expenses) was different by the number of people to live in one room. The yard of the Chinese university is large so as not to be able to compare with the Japanese university.

The site of the Sichuan University is very large and I was informed the yard by car. There is the apartment where teachers live in the yard, and I cannot watch it at all on foot. In addition, I heard that there are about 50 Japanese foreign students.

There are 35,500 university students, 16,000 postgraduate students, 550 foreign students, 10,000 staffs, 1,200 professors, and 2,200 assistant professors. How is it? It is entirely different from the Japanese university in the scale.

I think this is equal to another town, because all these number of people lives in a school. The figures are different in Chinese.

By the way, it is Chengdu, but the words that are usually used are languages of Sichuan. It is not the words that it cannot hear like Cantonese at all, but the language of Sichuan is particular different to hear.

For example, the people of Sichuan talk by pronunciation of "si(su)" when I pronounce "shi" such as "10".

In addition four tones do not become clear. I hear same the pronunciation of 4 and 10 of the number. When I did shopping in a shop, I cannot tell the difference between 14 and 40, and I had a hard time without understanding how many times it is even if I listen again. I understand only with "susu" even if I hear it how many times.

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