Chinese Taxi

Chinese Taxi

The taxi is written as "CHU ZU CHE" in Chinese. It is written as "DI SHI" from pronunciation, but it is generally used "CHU ZU CHE",and to pick up a taxi is "DA CHE". The starting fare is around from 6 RMB to 10 RMB, but it is different by the district.

Taxi of Beijing city

By the way, when a person generally takes a Chinese taxi, it sits down on the seat next to the driver. There are some opinions that people sit down on the seat next to the driver that they can look at the front easy for collision and traffic accident, and also they can easily look at the meter and easily talk with the driver.

By the way, I have many chances to take a taxi alone, when I told the driver where I want to go, it was asked again many times when I had just learned Chinese.

When I go back to the hotel, I can show the card of the hotel, so it's OK.
After all I want to say the destination, when the driver could understand that I want to go, I am very glad.

At first sight, the driver feels scary, but the driver is quite openhearted, and most of drivers are talkative and speak of their family. It is useful as practice conversation.

If you prepare for some questions even if you can't hear it clearly, it seems to become conversation somehow. For example, "Do you like Japanese car?" or "How much is the general salary for one month?" anything are OK.

The driver likes car by work, so I can talk with driver that "Honda is good", "Toyota is good" and so on. I can enjoy the conversation with the driver more than I sit in the rear seat silently till I arrive.

By the way, it is same when Honda write "HONDA" and Toyota write "FENG TIAN" in Kanji, but it isn’t Japanese pronunciation like "HONDA".In other wards it is Chinese reading like "BEN TIAN"or "FENG TIAN".

This photograph is in front of TIAN AN MEN in July, 2001.

Most of taxis were red hatchback taxis at that time, but there were replaced on a comfortable vehicle made in Korea recently in those days.
Taxi that waits for passenger in TIANANMEN

In the case of Japanese car Kanji is same, but in the case of the imported car there are the cases that they replace pronunciation with a Kanji or they made meaning for another name.

BMW is called "baoma". Horse of treasure・・this will be a name by the image of the car.

By the way, there is the driver that I talk and make friends to give a business card when I get off, the driver said, "Whenever you call me, I will take you".

You might think there are only good taxi drivers from my writing, but it is sure that there is a driver earning rate, if the driver knows it is a tourist with Japanese.

But I was never made a detour when I talk with the driver. You should have the courage to start a conversation with driver, whether it can be good thing......

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