China's mobile phone

China's mobile phone

When you go to the China's mobile phone shop, you will be surprised that many models form a line. A lot of models form a line in Japanese shop and the model is decided every company of communication such as DOCOMO, AU, SOFTBANK, etc. Then for example, the mobile telephone is not usable if you change a telegraphic communication company, and when you buy new one, you are usable only to just a telephone book in Japan.

china's cell phone
But the mobile phone can choose all models forming a line in the shop.

It is the SIM card method adapted with model of FOMA and SOFTBANK recently. The different thing is that the mobile telephone and phone number are set in Japan, but you purchase it separately in China.

That is the phone company sells only a phone number, and the retail shop sells the mobile telephone.

f you buy a new mobile telephone in the shop and replace only the SIM card, you can use the phone immediately because the phone number is memorized to the SIM card. Then you will be able to give your friend the old mobile telephone. The person who gets it is usable immediately if it purchases only the SIM card (the phone number).

I thought that the Japanese Cellular phone advanced most before I purchased a Cellular phone in China, but I can be known of it after I go to abroad according to the words “The frog in the well does not know the ocean.”

When you choose the Cellular phone in Japan, there is not a model in your contract phone company even if you think you want to have this model. You can change the contract with MNP, but it is troublesome.

China uses the GSM method of the mainstream in Europe, so you can use your mobile telephone when you go to almost all countries if you purchase even the SIM card of that country.

Cellular phone shop in underground shopping center

It is written in the shop in this way. “This Cellular phone is usable all over the world! (Except Japan and Korea)” When I see this, I feel lonely.

In other words Japan uses the original communication method and contact method, and I think that it created the method that does not let the foreign countries enter. But it is to say that we Japanese were not informed of it.

The FOMA adopted the same SIM card method in these days. If you take this mobile telephone foreign country and replace the SIM card of that country, you should be able to use it, but SIM lock function is added, and you can not use it, either.

The Chinese telegraphic communication company is two major companies. They are China Mobil and China Unicom and the phone number is 11 columns to begin with 13.

When Japanese purchases the mobile telephone in the shop, the passport is necessary.

The rate of the call is generally the prepaid card type. The bank withdrawal is possible, too, but procedures are troublesome, then the prepaid card is easy and convenient.

The way of the purchase
・Choose the model of the mobile telephone in the shop.

・Choose the telegraphic communication company. (China Mobil is recommended.)

・Choose the phone number.

・Charge for a telephone call. (Purchase a prepaid card.)

By the way, the telephone number of 8 and 9 is liked. For example, 8 many numbers such as 13788889999 are popular very much.

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