Chinese Manner and Customs

Chinese Manner and Customs

Are not there the words for a manner? It is this matter that Japanese who visited China at first feel. There is a ticket counter at the entrance of the park. Most foreigners form a line and wait for a turn, but Chinese hardly form a line.

People who line up at entrance of exhibition
Chinese push the hand that held money through many places at the window of the sales counter and buy a ticket. This is the same at windows such as banks. It is absurdity.

Even a bus and a subway push the people aside, and door neighborhood is always confused very much. It is a country respecting courtesy originally, but now that it became the race society, they may not take care of another people.

Even a bus and a subway push the people aside, and door neighborhood is always confused very much. It is a country respecting courtesy originally, but now that it became the race society, they may not take care of another people.

It is such China, but I saw that when old person got in a crowded bus, young man stood quickly to offer his seat. Their manner is too bad, but I admire that the consideration for the elderly person is very well.

It is said that the Chinese takes good care of the elderly and the family very much. When I came to the company of the client before, I asked to the Chinese of the person in charge that how about going to dinner together tonight? He answered that “I am sorry. I will eat with my family because today is my father’s birthday. ”

Though I understand it on the birthday of the father, I think what is a so important day. Another person taught me that the birthday of the family is very important and it is a custom to celebrate with family and relative.

It might be good country.......

But person that smokes a cigarette while walking throw away to anywhere, spit and throw away garbage from the window. I think that public manner does not seem to seep. When I smoke in a taxi and was going to throw it away in the ashtray, the taxi driver said that "Throw away the cigarette outside because an ashtray is stained." ^ ^;

There is the SARS (pneumonia) uproar several years ago and I hear it is considerably decreased because it is controlled by a law to spit from the car on the street.

The customs washing hands after come back home and washing hands after the restroom increased now by the story of my friend. When I heard this, I was surprised that they did not wash hands so far. (Does the cook of the restaurant of the last night wash his hands?)

When I was shopping in the department store, I saw young woman took off her clothes quickly and try on without using a fitting room in the women’s clothes counter. It is good view for me, but it often happens that I become ashamed.

Scenery of Beijing downtown
About the insurance of the car

The person driving a car in Japan certainly enters voluntary insurance and Chinese enters the insurance when they drive a privately-owned car, too. But the way of thinking of the insurance is not really common.

When my Chinese acquaintance bought a car and took out the insurance, I heard it whether is the insurance of what kind of contents. It is only the automobile physical damage insurance.

I asked, "What would you do if you hit a person by car?" He answered, "The car is more important. The repair charges are expensive, too. And there is not a big deal even if person dies. Guaranty money is cheap."

It is astonishment. It is terrible thought it is a car more important than the life of the person. I heard that if car did total loss is necessary millions of yen, but if person died is around half a million.

My friend entered bodily injury liability insurance because rich Chinese increased recently. But it is the mysterious insurance because this insurance is only for the driver’s seat and the seat next to the driver. The person stepping on the backseat does not get the insurance in the accident either. It is not thought in Japan.

The manner of the mobile telephone

It might be only Japanese mobile telephone has silent mode, but Chinese does not take off it even in a hospital. They talk aloud anywhere. It is natural to talk aloud at a restaurant, and they do not mind at all even if the people of the circumference hear it in a bus, train, or lobbies of hotel.

I asked my friend that you talk so aloud and do not have any problem even if somebody hears. "Why? It is not matter that I do not know the people around me." Is it tolerant or….?

The manner of the meal

The manner of the Chinese meal does not change with Japanese very much. I have a disappointed memory that I looked a beautiful woman spits out small bone at a restaurant before, but there seems to be become few such scenes recently.

By the way, there is time to think which the top seat is in Japan. When it was informed the private room at a restaurant in China, the neighborhood of entrance in the room is the lower seat and the depth is the top seat.

Whenever I eat with Chinese, the liquor comes together. There is the manner to toast. I toast as a chink with the glass that I held in a hand. When I toast it with a superior person, I lower a glass than the position of the glass of the partner, and toast it with a chink.

If you do this, the partner thinks that this Japanese is courteous.

When you go to the club to drink liquor and toast it, the mom of the club lowers her glass than a visitor below all the time. Do you know that?

It is spoken well "So many countries, so many customs". This country is mysterious charm so as to know it.

I wrote about the manner and custom of Chinese that I felt and looked, but it is my experience at that time. Of course I do not think that all is like this. I think because it is the country where people of 1,300,000,000 live in so that various people come.

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