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I introduce China various things what I experienced in China to people who are learning Chinese now, are concerned with China by work, and are planning trip to China .
Scenery of Beijing downtown
You know, China is a huge continent. Naturally the words to speak are different greatly by district and pronunciation is different a little in the district speaking standard language in east-north area.
China is a big country, so there is a lot of interesting things for Japanese.

My first visiting China was Shanghai with my friend about ten years ago. Whenever I go to China, I am surprised at the scenery of the town modernizing more and more and figure of people.

I think particularly Chinese clothes changed. When I visited at first time, old men whom wore National clothes and played chiness chess at the street corner, even young people wore outdated clothes.

Now, Chinese wear almost same fashion in Tokyo, Japan, and Chinese women have nicer style than Japanese women.

Recently, China is reported in the toxic substance which is included in food, pollution, stock investment, rapid development of the economy and etc,. You might think it is the whole China, but it is very different life and environment where live in the city and live in the agricultural district.

The difference of poverty and wealth spreads more and more. An increasing number of people are having rich life with high educational background and work at the good environment company who make large profits from business, stock investment, the land buying and selling, and etc,.

In the other hand, people who live in the agricultural district in the east-north area are very poor, there are many people lived on one brazier for severe cold.

My knowledge about China is just one part, but I am happy if you can fell the atmosphere of China through this site.

I think I will give you a lot of information about China such as slight Chinese, Chinese introduction, people whom I met, description of experience, traveler’s diary, computer, and so on in this site, “Chinese Toy Box”.

I wish this site can help you a little. Thank you

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