Hotel in china

Hotel in china

I am often asked, "How about the hotel of China?" If it is major cities, the facilities are set as much and there is the Internet terminal, and mostly the room is larger than Japanese hotel, too.
Hotel in China

There is Star mark to show the grade of the hotel in China and there is a rank from one star of low grade to five stars of the high grade.

There seems to be six stars Hotel in Beijing, but generally Japanese can stay in peace are more than 3 stars. The tour of Japanese travel agency plans is minimum 3 stars.

There are the words "FAN DIAN","JIU DIAN" to mean a hotel in China, but they have same meaning and there seem to be particularly not different.

The people that often go on a business trip to stays at some hotels and I think that they know the price and the quality of the hotel, but when it is the first place to visit, you don’t know which hotel is good.

I make reservations in WEB site, at first I confirm whether hotel is new.

It may not be the good hotel because of high price. Even if the photograph of the room and lobby was carried in the WEB site, it may become old now unless you can’t know when it was photographed.

"This hotel is the noble hotel with the history built in 19XX." In this case you had better not make reservations.

Because the hotel where the construction time is old in China has these kinds of troubles like the water of the restroom doesn’t flow, the shower doesn’t work good, and the room is dark.

Staying expense of hotel in China

Four stars Hotel that is newer than old five stars Hotel is much clear, and you can spend it comfortable. The cards are usable is important choice point, too.

Recently, you can use VISA and JCB cards in most of hotels, but there are many hotels that only cash can use yet in the district.

Mostly you are demanded a deposit at the time of check-in, if you don’t have
RMB and you can’t check-in. You have to run for an exchange to the bank nearby.

There is a time when you have to sign of the card settlement at the time of deposit in the hotel that the card is usable.

I can’t really understand, but of course they return it at the time of check-out and tear it before my eyes. But I think it is good that you receive it just to make sure and dispose by yourself.

If you look for the Hotel reservation in the WEB site, you can know about detailed photograph and the construction time of the room to stay, kind of the usable card, facilities of the Internet, and so on.

Even if you made an appointment with an individual or you used a tour when you can choose a hotel, I recommend you would better to check the WEB site in advance.

〇Chinese that is used in the hotel.

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