Hangzhou's West Lake

Hangzhou's West Lake

Speaking of a sightseeing spot representing Hangzhou, it is WEST LAKE. It is called ground heaven here, and "HU BIN YI GONG PARK","SAN TAN YIN YUE","LEI FENG TAO" become the new Chinese sightseeing spot which fused by the history and the present.
Hangzhou's West Lake
Hangzhou is expressed this way in China.
This meaning is that heaven is very beautiful, and Suzhou and Hangzhou in the ground are beautiful in the same way as heaven, too.

The road is got ready to be able to go around West Lake, and there is a beautiful promenade to be able to stroll in the circumference of the lake. The scenery of the dusk and the night view are very beautiful, and it is romantic.

LEI FENG TA in Hangzhou It is the building representing West Lake. There is southern coast of the West Lake, on "XI ZHAO SHAN" and it was restored to the original state newly in 2002.
There is an escalator in the stairs center of the left photograph.

Besides, there is an elevator inside, too. It seems to be hard to climb seeing from the bottom, but it is easy to the top floor and you can command a whole view of scenery of the West Lake.

Admission of "LEI FENG TA" is 40 RMB. (I think so….)

You can watch the trace of "LEI FENG TA" over glass inside the first floor.
It is a very beautiful building, but it was made for sightseeing. If you expect a historic building, you might be disappointed a little.

The island floating in a lake of the West Lake is "SAN TAN YIN YUE". You can pass to "SAN TAN YIN YUE" by the small rower ship and sightseeing ship from the various places of the lake. This sightseeing ship is quite convenient as movement means to the main place of the West Lake.

There are "HU XIN TING" and "RUNAG GONG". It is called Three Island of West Lake.

The inside in the island of "SAN TAN YIN YUE" is maintenance neatly and it takes above one hour to take a walk.

The scenery is very beautiful, so it is better to take a walk while taking a picture.

The price for sightseeing ship over the island is around 40 RMB. Prices are different at the place to cross.

It is the night view that it took a picture from the east of the West Lake.

Trip time was October, but temperature was high in the daytime. So it is just good with the short sleeves. I watched that there was a fountain show held in the north side of West Lake in the evening.


It is this accommodations lighted up Ramada Hotel Hangzhou

The class is 4stars. The room was clean, and the amenity was regulated well, too. If you subscribe for a room of the business class, check-in and the breakfast place are prepared for separately from a general visitor.

There is the manufacturing factory of the silk (they sell silk products in the shop) around West Lake. There are also the shop and farmhouse selling the famous green tea龙井茶 of West Lake that drunk well in Shanghai district.

In addition, there are many shops and restaurants around the West Lake that are stylish and wonderful for the tourists, but the price is high and the quantity is little, too. (This is a story that I compare it with east-north region.)

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