Chinese Grimm's Fairy Tales

Chinese Grimm's Fairy Tales

I After all, speaking of I have read children’s story, everybody is Grimm's Fairy Tales. It is very popular for Chinese children. You can see some translation books in the book store.
Snow White

By the way, what do you think you call Grimm's Fairy Tales in Chinese?
It is "GE LIN TONG HUA". The fairy tale is for children, so KANJI is comparatively easy for you,

if you can’t understand some words, you examine it with an electronic dictionary. You can study!The title of the book that I bought is "GE LIN TONG HUA GU SHI"means the story. Of course, it is written in pinyin, too.

When I watch Chinese DVD, something "GU SHI" is used in the title, and you can hear in conversation, so you should better remember it.

I introduce some titles of story recorded in this Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

I can enjoy just watching the Kanji of the title but story is “What? Was it such a story?” There is the scene to think like this.

Originally, in fact, Grimm’s Fairy Tales seems to be a scary story. When it is translated in various countries, the circumstance of the country’s politics and the time and the national characters are reflected that I heard story was different in every country.

I introduce paragraph of my favorite Snow White. It starts like this.

Aside from a story, what a story I know everybody who is familiar with Japanese, and to be read without pain. Because it is the book that Chinese children really read, it is sure that good study for you.

In fact, this book is my Chinese friend recommended for my Chinese Learning,"You must read, it good study for you!"

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