Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese

When I began to learn Chinese, I thought that I go to the conversation school, but I don’t have enough time! I am slightly ashamed! Then I bought some teaching materials of Chinese learning in a bookstore and a site.
Chinese learning material
I don’t remember how much I bought teaching materials such as, “usable Chinese”, ”the first Chinese conversation”, “the first vocabulary”, “Chinese that you learn it and don’t forget”, and“ Chinese that native uses ”.

But I forget the word immediately and can’t yet master the grammar.

It is a shameful talk if you asked how about my Chinese level, it is the degree that conversation of every day is possible. I can write an email in Chinese, but when I cannot remember the pinyin of the word by the chat, and it is said immediately by a partner, “Reply is late.”

The learning of Chinese begins with pronunciation at first, and there is much pronunciation that there is much unfamiliar pronunciation for Japanese, so I can understand that some people failing here.

When I ask some people mastering English and a foreign language, it is said that a turn of the study is important.

It is important that “hearing”, “talk”, “read”, and “write”. You can never talk because the study of Japanese begins from reading and writing.

It is surely true because the child hears the voice of mother and father at first and come to speak easy word and then learn the reading and writing.

In my case, I buy a CD and DVD at the time of Chinese business trip and hear Chinese as much as possible if there is time.

Of course, you can’t conversation if you can’t hear and answer. You should hear Chinese as possible a lot. Of course, the word is very important.

It is natural that you can’t hear at first, but the word to be able to hear increase when you gradually learn the word. Of course it is necessary for a long time.

You should hear the same word and the sentence repeatedly over and over again. If you can’t understand the meaning of the word heard without translating in your head as it is, it is very difficult to be able to have a conversation.

There is a channel of a Chinese broadcasting in SKYPerfecTV. This is pretty good. The credit titles have come out almost in Chinese drama, and you can understand the meaning from the credit titles even if you can’t catch it. You can study of catching in above all.

The Chinese used for the teaching material is the usual word (Beijing language) and it is a very beautiful pronunciation. However, when I talk with Chinese, they don’t talk by beautiful pronunciation such as the teaching materials. They have a district accent and fast talking and they talk never heard before. When I can’t catch their talking, I often get rid of confidence.

“Use make perfect.” is a good expression. When my pronunciation is wrong and Chinese teach me write pronunciation, then I never forget that words that I correct myself and learned.

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