China's Domestic Airline

China's Domestic Airline

I often use the Chinese domestic airline. When I got on the domestic airline alone for the first time from Shanghai HongQiao airport to Beijing capital, I spent two hours of the strain because there is all Chinese sat down around me (but it is natural).

I always think that Chinese rush to get in a bus and public accommodation but only the airplane seems to be different. They sit down calmly in the waiting room even if departure will be late.

It seems to be a daily occurrence that the departure of Chinese domestic airline may be late.

It decreased recently, but after I got a boarding pass and I confirmed gate (the 18th gate), I waited that gate. It happened quite often though departure time approached, the guidance did not appear at all. It was changed to 5 gate when I confirmed the board that wrote the departure time and gate.

When it was terrible, there was without the guidance and the indication change of the board. Then we left another gate.

I understand it with the atmosphere because the passenger in the waiting room moved, but I always think that how it turns out if I miss it. Even if the prescribed passenger does not get on when departure time passes, air plane leaves. They do not look for whether a visitor does not come for ○○ like Japan.

In those days the facilities of the airport were old and the thought of the customer service did not infiltrate.

It decreased indeed recently. The airport is replaced with a new one steadily, and there is not the difference with Japan.

The service such as drink and light meal improves during the flight, too. But the coffee is still bad.

When sugar and cream are in the bag and I can put in by myself, it is still better. But when sugar and cream are already put in inside, it is very sweet for me. It was not able to drink.

The attendant looks at the Westerners and understands it with foreigner immediately, then the attendant talks in English. But Japanese is thought Chinese, so I am asked with “What do you want to drink?” in Chinese.

It is simple word, so I understand the meaning of the question even if I cannot hear it properly, but when I think what I should order, there is a thing saying comparatively simple coffee (kaFei) of the pronunciation after all.

By the way, mostly the airplane used by domestic flight is small, and there are many airplanes of the passage with two seats and three seats the middle. When I get alone, it is the window side or the passenger side if it is two seats. But if it is three seats and my seat is middle the both sides Chinese, I am tense a little.

After I have some experiences, there does not the matter. But I thought that please does not talk to me in the days of the beginning.

New bodies increases recently and I feel a sense of security, but the landing feels careless in comparison with the Japanese pilot.

I feel to land at bang. The reason may the most of the pilot are experienced air force. They may not think that at the moment when a wheel arrives at the ground, open the throttle and float the body slightly so that there is not as possible a landing shock like Japanese pilot.

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