The Street Of Stores And Houses in Dalian

The Street Of Stores And Houses in Dalian

I think that Dalian is the best of Japanese and Chinese friendly relationship in China and the town where is Japanese can live easily.
It has the image of the port town and the Acacia row of trees, but it is the town of a fashion equal Shanghai.
Scenery at entrance of Russian town

The distance to the Dalian city and the airport is 20 minutes by taxi and the rate is around 30 RMB. The distance from the airport is nearer than other cities. In addition, the area of the city is not so big and you can turn around all day long if you just watch main sightseeing spots.

If you can enough time and take a walk slowly through street of stores and houses, you can find wonderful discovery in the wonderful town like modernized building group and the clearned park, Japanese signboard to see a lot and underground shopping center that there are surprised many people.

I introduce some tourist attractions in Dalian.
Xinghai Guangchang
Xinghai Guangchang Park

There are four high-class apartments.
Perhaps it is the greatest in China for the ground of the park, and you can enjoy the sea bathing adjacent to the sea in the summer time in the park, too. In addition, it is popular as a beautiful dating spot when it is lighted up at night.

There is Dalian Nature Museum in the park entrance neighborhood, and the history of Dalian, the fossil of dinosaur mined in China, and the mummy are exhibited.

It is around 15 minutes by taxi from the central area of the city.

Lao Hu Tan park
There is not only the beauty of the sea but also the amusement and the building of the ocean animal performance. You can watch the performance of dolphins and sea lions, the aquarium, and performance of the wild birds.
This park is charged around 100 RMB to turn around to see a main institution.
Lao Hu Tan park
The scenery of the seaside looked at from Lao Hutan

Dalian dong hai park
There are a lot of interesting art objects in the park. People doing rock-climbing are appeared in the left rock, but this is an art object.

There are a big sea life, a ship, and unknown meaning objects(?) of laughing in spite of myself. I think you can enjoy it.

DalianTelevision tower
IThere is the television tower in the Laodong Gongyuan south side of the center of the city. It is 360 meters above sea level and the height of the television tower is 190 meters. You can look around Dalian city, the development district and the Xinghai Guangchang Park.when you go to the upper part by the elevator.

The scenery is beautiful, but I am slightly sorry that the window pane of the observation room is dirty.
The town seen from Tairen television tower
Admission fee is 50 RMB.

The center of the Dalian city from the electric tower.

Russian town
Russian town
You can see the European buildings made in the Russian rule times in the Russian town and you can enjoy an atmosphere of exoticism. The street stalls of the Russia-like souvenir form a line.

There was the Natural Museum near before. (The new Natural Museum is established in the Xinghai Guangchang Park now.)

Zhong shan plaza and Victory plaza
Zhong Shan Gong Yuan is the most famous in Dalian. There are the buildings of Japanese rule times and especially old Yamato Hotel (Dalian Hotel now). It is said that the last emperor stayed in this hotel as the highest grade Hotel in those days. It is 3 stars class now.

The neighborhood of Ramada Hotel Dalian in Shengli Guangchang

There is Shengli Guangchang in the front of Dalian Station, and it is the first bustling street in the city. A lot of shops form a line crowdedly in the underground. There is the mobile telephone shop and household appliances store in the second floor under the ground, and there is the dining hall town in the third floor under the ground. The area is very huge and it seems to be lost when I enter alone. Actually, I visit it many times, but it seems to be a maze. I can’t remember the position relations at all, and I have some troubles though I took for an exit.

The Tram runs in the city.
Tram that runs in Dalian city
The streetcar still runs in the city of Dalian. The fare is 1 RMB to get to anywhere.

The means of transportation of the Dalian city are bus and taxi (basic fare district is 8 RMB), but the city sightseeing is good on the streetcar with full of this emotion, too.

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