China's PC

China's PC

When I went to China for a business trip, if there is enough time, I went to the electrical store to watch the China's PC. The copy products of Windows and software ware sold in the small shop of the street corner before.

Recently I don't completely watch them, but I think that they weren't put in the outstanding place. The Chinese PC already installed the OS in increase and I think recognition for the software changed a little.

Well, when PC being exhibited by the shop etc. is seen, it is being written in
this way.

Even if you knowing very well about PC don't understand Kanji, I think that you can understand performance for numerical value. Home version of Windows XP is just home edition.

"YING TE ER"... This seems to have just applied pronunciation of Intel to Chinese.

The Chinese PC is Chinese version, but some people seem to be used English version. The keyboard placement of Chinese version is as same as English version.

When I found that interesting words are used for PC term, I admire with solution after I could understand meaning.

The words of the menus are used well, and menu means that the screens which choose what you do first when you install software.

It is a menu to choose at the restaurant. Chinese is the same, too and say "CAI DAN".

They call the Internet "WANG",and they express it with "WANG SHANG" in the existing meaning on the net. Then, online is "ZAI XIAN" ,offline is "LI XIAN" ,and retiring seat at one time is "LI KAI" by the chat. The state that logs in is shang xian". It is expressed most of two characters

By the way, when I bought the PC in the shop, salesclerk asked me,"Don't you need anything necessary software?" I asked him, "Well, is there Word or Excel with it?" He said, "OK, OK, I will install them immediately".

Salesclerk brought a USB hard disk from the depths and installed them at once, and he said, "I installed other software and games by service, too"......

But everything is unjust copying. In addition game had the virus software. It is very dangerous. By the way, the virus says "BING DU".

There are the PC of various makers same as Japan from a line in the shop. After all, the most popular PC is VAIO of SONY.

The note PC of SONY is popular very much, and I asked Chinese, "What note PC do you want?" They said, If I have enough money, I want to buy VAIO." As for the disk top, HP seems to be a popular model.

Sony brand seems to be a maker longed-for as a high quality article. By the way, note PC of VAIO which I saw was 12,000 RMB(about 200,000 yen). When I think about salary of Chinese, it is prohibitive price.

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