Limestone Cave in Beijing

Limestone cave of Beijing

Speak of Beijing sight seeing is Tiananmen,Wangfujin Street,Jingshan Park,Tiantan Park,the Great Wall of China. They are common, but there is the Shihua Cave which is not known very much in Beijing City South-West.

Limestone cave of Beijing China
Shihua Cave is one of Big Chinese four stalactite caves, and it is the largest-scale in the northern part in China. According to another view is said that it is the greatest stalactite cave in the world.

I remembered that I visited to get on a bus for the area of Shihua Cave from the south side of the Tiantan Park which is famous in June before just five years. It took about two hours for one way.

I got off a bus and change to a taxi which is van.
This taxi was extremely old, and the driver turned the sharp curve at a terrific speed. Then it already wearied me when I arrived at the Shihua Cave.

By the way, I bought a ticket and entered the stalactite cave. Guide was accompanied.

I followed this guide with my friend, while I was careful about my step in the dusky stalactite cave.
Naturally, the explanation was Chinese, so I couldn’t understand it very much at that time, and I observed it while having my friend interpret it.

Because the temperature of Beijing city is around 30 degrees and the stalactite cave is around 10 degrees in the end of June, please take a jacket with you if you go to in the summer time.

I took several photographs, but photograph isn’t good very much because the cave is large and flash doesn’t work very much.

There is the photo studio taking a ceremonial photograph of the sightseeing spot fixture in the cave. When you walk around the stalactite cave and come out, you can receive the photograph at an exit. It is charged a fee, though….

It is really wide in the stalactite cave. There are the tour routes of the first stalactite cave, the second, the third and many routes, and there is the place that isn’t opened to the public yet. It seems to be hard in terms of time to watch all.

I think that it is convenience to charter a taxi from the Beijing city. If you ask in the hotel, they arrange a taxi of the sightseeing all day long. The rate is about 500 RMB. When it is a bus, it is 30 RMB for going and coming back. It is cheap, but I think it is difficult unless you have an acquaintance in China and go together.

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