Chinese Bank Account and ATM

Chinese Bank Account and ATM

There are a lot of banks such as Bank of China, Construction Bank, Agriculture Bank, Public Welfare Bank in China, and recently ATM considerably spreads, too.

A traveling person does not need, but it is very convenient to make an account and have a bank card the cases to visit China well, studying abroad,going to business trip to reside by work.

When you make an account in the bank in China, fill in the necessary form for the ordinary deposit account application.
If you bring a passport and cash, it is OK and the bank card can make at the same time and publishes it soon.

I borrowed an apartment, but applied with the Japanese address and Japanese phone number because it was not residence. I proposed the bank card at the same time and publish it soon. By the way, the password of the bank card is six figures.

If I make an account, I can remit money from Japan. Then for example, when I do shopping, I can use this card in most department stores and shops even if Japanese card is not usable.

The mark is written down with "yin lian" in the card. It is the same as Japanese David Card, and it is paid immediately by an account if I do shopping.

Actually JCB and VISA are usable, but you must show the passport and there are some shops declining a Japanese card.

ATM is set up in most towns. Needless to say a bank, it is buried in the wall of the building. There is quite much number of the setting.

As for the amount of money that once can draw is 2,000RMB,and can draw on one day is with in the limits of 5,000 RMB.

You can draw with Japanese VISA Card and JCB Card, and it is convenient when you came to run out of Japanese Yen.
ATM set up on wall of shopping street

You might be advantageous it than you exchange in a hotel concerning a conversion depending on a timing.

I knew it just recently,for example "yin lian" card is usable such as souvenir shops of the international airline departure lobbies such as Kansai Airport. This will be service for Chinese.
Then it seems to be able to pay money for Japanese Yen from "yin lian" card at the post office. It gradually becomes convenient.

In China having the Olympics in 2008 they seem to plan that the cards in the world can use any shops in major cities, especially Beijing. You might not have to make Bank of China card.

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