China's Apartment

China's Apartment

When I borrowed the apartment in China several years ago, I asked my local friend and I had look for some apartments and looked around together. China's Apartment was different how to make in comparison with Japan, and some of them were luxurious rooms and surprised rooms.
When it examines an apartment in a dictionary, it is "GONG YU", but generally they say "FANG ZI" ","GONG YU" means a high-quality apartment.

By the way, I decided the budget from 2,000 RMB to 3,000 RMB, but I was interested in it and I could watch the room of a high rent and considerably cheap room. The room less than 1,000 RMB had a shower on the toilet stool of the restroom・・・・what?

There is a shower on the toilet stool of the restroom. How can you use the shower in the restroom of a small single room? I was so surprised, and I got shocked because he told me that this was common.

There wasn’t a wall paper in the room, and concrete was bare. The kitchen was small and provided the television and the bed, but I didn’t think that I can live there.

It seems to have unreasonableness to look for the room of around 1,000 RMB where Japanese can live in Beijing, because prices in Beijing were high in China and I heard that the rent in particular was high.

It was introduced some rooms, and after all there was a good article for a budget to take five minutes on foot from the work.

There were several free rooms in the apartment in those days. I observed it. There was a jet bath and there was the room decorated luxuriously that I can’t imagine from the appearance of the apartment.

I borrowed the room with independent kitchen, bath, study, bedroom, living, and one smaller room. There were 120 square meters.


The number of the square meters of the apartment in China is different from Japan in way of counting. It is an area just the room in Japan, but it is an area from circumference included the wall in China.

There are some cases that the space in front of the elevator divide equality and add to the area of the room, and the room are of the substance seems to be written 70-80%.

The room that I borrowed was too large and I thought it was luxurious but I borrowed it by my judgment that it wasn’t high price when some employees came by a business trip and used it at the same time.

By the way, the rent is around 2,700 RMB. It is around 37,000 yen at the then rate.

The slightly luxurious bedroom⇒

Both the curtain and the bed are provided from the beginning and I can start to live immediately.

However, the landlord lived until just before and there were a lot of garbage and junk in the room.

The furniture of equipment was OK, but the household electrical appliance and the lighting equipment werein’t so good. The washing machine was broken immediately and I purchased new one.

The electric bulb has burned out many times. I heard something rattling at night, and the lighting equipment of the ceiling of the kitchen just fell.

The water heater of the kitchen used it for the hot water supply of the bath, but the heat calorie was small. I was very cold in winter, because the temperature of the shower was low.

There was an opportunity to go to look at the apartment in Dalian the other day, and there were a lot of considerably good rooms for 2,500 RMB from 2,000 RMB.

The room has a kitchen, living and bathroom just like one-room. That apartment isn’t old like I borrowed the apartment of Beijing before. It is the latest high-rise apartment and has an air-conditioner, a bed, a television, and a set of furniture. The night view that you can see from the room is very beautiful.

The new apartment is built in sequence in the urban, and making of the room becomes very stylish. If you go to the business trip every month, you can borrow an apartment for hotel bill of three or four days. I think it is good to use it as an office too, and you can reduce the baggage at the time of the business trip and it is convenient all the time.

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